Apple’s Limited Edition Chinese New Year AirPods Pro Unveiled: Price and How to Buy

Apple’s Limited Edition Chinese New Year AirPods Pro Unveiled: Price and How to Buy

Limited Edition Chinese New Year Apple AirPods Pro But US Buyers Might Have a Hard Time Getting it: Here’s Why 
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Apple has never been one to shy away from festivities and it isn’t really uncommon for them to throw in a certain product to celebrate a holiday. Now, the company is celebrating Chinese New Year by launching a particular limited edition pair of its AirPods Pro that are made available in a number of Asian countries.

Limited Edition Chinese New Year AirPods Pro 

According to 9to5mac, this particular limited edition Chinese New Year AirPods Pro will only be available in mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia. This means that for those in the United States interested in getting this limited edition Chinese New Year edition, this could prove quite difficult.

This particular Chinese New Year will be welcoming the year of the Ox and even Apple has created a brand new adorable emoji character in order to celebrate this. On these particular countries’ homepages, Apple, itself, has also added its brand new custom logo in order to commemorate the whole occasion.

Chinese New Year AirPods Pro price

These particular limited edition Chinese New Year Apple AirPods Pro are said to cost just the same amount as the normal pair of AirPods Pro. This is a relief since most limited edition products usually come with an increase in price. Over in mainland China, this particular product will be sold at RMB 1,999 or over $300 USD while being sold for HK 1,999 in Hong Kong which is cheaper at over $250 USD.

The brand new unique emoji has been applied to the AirPods Pro case which depicts the ever so classic cow emoji along with a little cow emoji that is popping out of its own head with stars that are floating around. This particular box for the AirPods Pro even includes the very same unique emoji in a red version.

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AirPods Pro 2021 how to buy

Aside from just a special box as well as quite a cool emoji that is imprinted on the case, these limited edition AirPods Pro are still functionally the same with other existing ones. Nonetheless, these are still sure to be quite popular. After all, any one of the limited edition Apple products usually are.

For those in these countries, they can easily be purchased through the official Apple website. However, there is still a 2 unit order limit for every purchase. These then ship immediately. They are also said to be available for in-store pickup over in Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Taiwan. Buying these limited edition Chinese New Year AirPods Pro in the United States could require buyers to buy via these countries and have them shipped to the US.

An article by AppleInsider also notes that Apple regularly caters to its whole Chinese consumer base along with special product offerings as well as typically celebrated regional holidays along with sales. A good example of this is last year, the company actually created a Shot on iPhone film in order to mark the previous Lunar New Year.

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