Doctors Warn iPhone 12 Could be Risky to Pacemakers Due to Magnets Inside

Doctors Warn iPhone 12 Could be Risky to Pacemakers Due to Magnets Inside

Doctors Warn iPhone 12 Could be Risky to Pacemakers Due to Magnets Inside 
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Almost every single electronic device typically generates electromagnetic fields but when it comes to the iPhone 12 series, the phone is said to contain actual magnets inside. The magnets are supposed to support Apple’s brand new generation of the company’s MagSafe wireless charging. However, this might have certain effects on other devices and objects that are said to rely on magnetism in order for them to function correctly.

Is the iPhone 12 dangerous?

Apple had already issued a public warning regarding the phone’s installed electromagnetic interface but still insisted that it does not carry additional risk than any of the other iPhones that came before. However, this is something that cardiologists have discovered to might not be the actual case, according to the story by SlashGear.

According to Gurjit Singh, a cardiologist, along with his colleagues at the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute, they have published a report just last month revealing their findings that might raise more concerns regarding the newer iPhone 12. That is,at least for the specific users that have implanted medical devices like defibrillators or pacemakers.

Does iPhone interfere with pacemaker? 

Unfortunately, it was stated that simply passing a single iPhone 12 over a certain patient’s chest could in fact already have some seriously dangerous effects. According to the different doctors’ experiments, the said iPhone 12 actually deactivated the defibrillator just by simply passing over it. In the case of another important device, the pacemaker, it could even cause the device to send some type of electric charge and cause the heart to go out of sync. This is something that it normally does whenever a certain irregular rhythm is said to be detected in order to put the heart back in sync.

These critical devices are in fact designed to be controlled through the use of magnets so that there would be no need for doctors to open up patients again and again specifically for that sole purpose. Unfortunately, the total numbers that the said doctors present raise the stakes much higher.

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Risk for people with pacemakers and defibrillators

According to Dr. Singh, there are already about 300,000 people within the US that actually get these devices implanted every single year. This means that with an additional 300,000 people every year getting new implants, the risk of more people with implants around the iPhone 12 or actually owning the iPhone 12 increases. Coupled with certain reports that one out of four phones that were sold last year was actually an iPhone 12, the total chances of the said phones actually ending up in people that have implanted medical devices are quite high.

Another article by ComputerWorld also notes that having both an iPhone 12 as well as a pacemaker could be very dangerous. The FDA was said to be already informed about this particular matter but neither they or Apple has said to make any comments regarding the findings.

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