Huawei Dumps Android on Smartphones? Will New HarmonyOS Catch On?

Huawei Dumps Android on Smartphones? Will New HarmonyOS Catch On?

Huawei has recently released a more stable version of its EMUI 11 user interface for quite a number of different models in China and has also been able to launch similar updates to the known Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei Mate 30 Pro for its international market. The company is expecting to test out smartphones carrying its very own operating system known as the HarmonyOS, or the Hongmeng OS over in China, later on this year as well as early 2021.

Huawei: Switch to HarmonyOS from Android?

Owners of Huawei smartphones will be given the option to switch to this OS having received the upcoming update. In the more stable EMUI 11, enthusiasts have been able to uncover, according to HuaweiCentral, signs of different preparations as the company tries to move away from its current use of Android over to the new HarmonyOS.

One particular evidence that is really pushing this is indicated by a certain changed inscription reading “Powered by Android” over on the initial boot screen. Previously, a particular custom Android branded front was initially used alongside the popular Android logo. As of the moment, the text is now shown without the actual logo as well as with a much different font.

The story was reported by GizChina and it notes that there is another hint which is contained in the particular settings seen in the phone’s “About phone” section over in the description of the given security patch version. Another new thing is that instead of the Android Security Patch Level, users will now only be able to see “Security Patch Level.

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Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi topped Q3 2020 Smartphone Market

A particular analytical agency known as Gartner, seen in the article by cnTechPost, has actually published yet another report regarding the whole smartphone market. As it now turns out, within the third quarter of this current year, there are about 366 million different smartphones that had been sold out. This is 5.7% less compared to the same period in the previous year.

Although the drop is said to be quite noticeable, it is actually just less than 20% by which the market fell during the first half of 2020. Samsung is now still leading with a whopping 80.82 million units sold as well as a 22% market share. In general, out of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers, it was only Samsung and Xiaomi that have been able to increase their sales by about 2.2% and a whoppint 34.9% respectively.

Huawei is currently in second place with a massive 51.83 million smartphone count being sold. Its current market share is at 14.4%. Xiaomi was also able to sell a whopping 44.41 million smartphones this year which is equivalent to a 12.1% market share. Apple falls in fourth place and between the time of July to September, the company reportedly sold a whopping 40.6 million smartphones gaining it an 11.1% market share!

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