Samsung to Continue with Galaxy Note Series Despite Underwhelming Reviews

Samsung to Continue with Galaxy Note Series Despite Underwhelming Reviews

Samsung Galaxy will not be discontinued  
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note won’t be discontinued anytime soon, despite the numerous negative reviews. An unnamed Samsung official told Yonhap News that the tech giant is now preparing to launch a new Galaxy Note model in 2021.

Samsung’s hope for Galaxy Note

According to Yonhap News, the articles about discontinuing the Galaxy Note series is not true. The reports about stopping the production of the phone series started earlier this month, with Reuters stating that instead of launching a new Galaxy Note, the Korean tech giant will add stylus support to the S21 and its future foldable phones.

Samsung reportedly even redirected the resources that it would have used for the development of a new Galaxy Note to the development of a new foldable device.

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Recently, the Samsung smartphone chief TM Roh confirmed that the tech giant plans to bring some of Galaxy Note’s most well-loved features to other Galaxy devices, according to Engadgets.

Roh did not specify the S21 and he did not mention about it working with the S Pen, but his comment may have sounded like an indirect confirmation that the Galaxy Note lineup is not over yet. The unnamed official who talked to Yonhap News stated that Roh’s statement does not mean that the Galaxy Note series will be discontinued.

While there may be new Galaxy Noted devices to be introduced in the future, the unnamed official did not say whether the lineup will stay or if it will be discontinued after 2021.

However, according to some reports, other Galaxy devices will not offer the same kind of seamless S Pen integration that Note models do. The Galaxy S21 Ultra reportedly won’t come with a slot of the stylus pen, while Samsung’s foldable models won’t even ship with one even if they will come with S Pen compatibility.

Galaxy Note reviews

Although Galaxy Note is a great phone series, it is not short of criticism. From the price, the style to the durability, users of the Galaxy Note phones pointed out the decrease in quality and the sudden rise of the value.

In 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 took the spotlight as users found it overpriced, with a retail tag of $999.99. The phone is great, and it has all the features that was presented during its introduction like the stylus pen and the 12-megapixel sensor camera, but critics advised not to purchase the phone right away due to the price, and true enough after two months, the price went down to $800.

What really takes the cake is the Samsung Galaxy Fold that caused a stir online. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is a part of the Galaxy series, did not last 24 hours in the hands of the consumers, according to The Verge.

Immediately after purchasing the phone, numerous customers took their review online and showed how a small bulge appears on the crease of the unit. The screen was distorted and it has been reported that a piece of debris gets loose when the phone is folded.

The reviews may have damaged the reputation of the Galaxy units, but Samsung is adamant in turning it around by next year as the company prepares to launch another unit to save its name.

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